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How is the order of results determined?

Through the search results we try to make the best match between a guest and a nature house. To determine this match we look at several factors with which we determine the order of the search results. The exact conditions are confidential, but include the following elements:

By combining the above elements in an algorithm we try to make the best match between guest and landlord. Landlords can influence their search results by means of the following points:

Cancellations & Response time: hosts that reject few or no bookings can be positioned higher in the search results. This way we can prevent disappointed guests. So it is important that as a landlord you always have your availability and prices up to date. Also the reaction time on bookings can influence your ranking in the results.

Guest experiences: ads with good experiences can appear higher in the search results. This takes into account the number of bookings, the average overall rating and the average nature rating. 

Direct booking: we have noticed that it is important for guests to quickly know where they stand after they have made a booking. Because of this, houses that have opted for 'direct booking' can get a better position within the search results.

Ad content: high quality ads can get a better position in the search results. Here we look at the number of pictures, the length of the texts and other information that can be given in an advertisement. We think it's important that a complete picture of the nature house is sketched in the advertisement, so it's clear to guests what they can expect. It is also possible to look at the number of periods offered and the corresponding prices. A good price is very important to be able to make the right match.

Guests can influence the results in their own way by means of the following points:

Search: when you as a guest search for a certain place, we find it important to determine the order by the distance to that place. In this way you as a guest get a nature house that best suits your wishes.

Filtering: by means of filtering you can specify your wishes. Only nature houses that fit the chosen filtering will be shown.