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Do I still have to pay a deposit?

The payment terms differ per private landlord. In many cases there is indeed a down payment and the remaining payment can be transferred a few weeks before arrival. There are three possibilities:

If it concerns a nature house where the landlord has given the payment to Natuurhuisje, the payment conditions of Natuurhuisje apply and € 19.50 mandatory booking fee are added to the fare. This is always prior to making the booking mentioned under the heading '' extra costs '' in an advertisement. Under this heading you can at all times find the obligatory and optional costs that are charged on top of the mentioned rental price. If the arrival takes place within seven weeks after the booking request has been made and the booking is approved by the landlord, the entire payment of the total travel sum must be paid in full within 24 hours after booking. If the arrival takes place more than seven weeks after the booking request has been placed, you must pay 30% of the rent within 24 hours of the booking and the mandatory booking fee of € 19.95 + the costs for the optional choose to meet cancellation insurance. The remaining amount must be paid no later than six weeks before arrival.
If the private landlord himself arranges the payment with you, in many cases there is a down payment within one or two weeks after making the booking. The remaining amount must be paid on the account number of the lessor one or a few weeks before arrival. The landlord himself will share his payment conditions with guests by mail.
In the case of a booking with a tour operator, the prepayment rules are stated in a rental agreement and invoice that you receive from the tour operator by e-mail after you have submitted the booking request via Natuurhuisje. In the case of a last minute booking where the arrival takes place a few days later, you often have to transfer the entire rental amount in one go. In such a case there is therefore no question of a down payment.