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My booking has been cancelled by the landlord, what should I do now?

How unfortunate that your booking has been cancelled by the landlord, we understand that you are disappointed. Because we are not the owners of the nature houses, a landlord may cancel a booking when necessary. Of course we try to avoid this as much as possible. 

After cancellation the landlord has to refund the costs incurred by you. If the landlord has not received the payment from us, you will receive the costs back from us. Sometimes both the landlord and we will refund a part of the amount you paid for this booking.

Would you still like to enjoy a nature house? Then you can look for an alternative nature house, we will give you some tips to quickly find another nice house.

Can't you find anything? Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you. You can send an e-mail to info@nature.house or call +31 85 888 3337.