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How can I book a nature house?

How nice that you have found a nature cottage that suits you. Now it's time for the next step, the booking and registration of your stay. To do this, go to the block on the right of the photo.

Under 'when' you can click on arrival. A calendar will then be displayed, showing only the arrival days. These are the bold numbers. The gray boxes are unfortunately no longer available as arrival days. Once you have clicked on an arrival day, the possible departure day options are shown, and you can then click on your departure day. This is the availability as reported to us by the landlord.

Once you have selected a period, you can enter your travel party. To continue booking and to be able to provide your details, you can click on the button 'Start my booking'.

On the next page you need to fill in your details. On the right side you will also see an overview of the costs.

To complete the booking, you still need to agree to the privacy terms, house rules and general conditions.

When you have read through this and have completed and checked your details, you can click the red button 'Request a booking'. Your booking request will now be sent to the host!