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How do I receive the IBAN for my SEPA bank transfer?

You will receive the IBAN and further information about the payment via the payment overview. You can get there either via our payment request emails or by following the steps described below. 

1. log in at https://www.nature.house/account/login 

2. click the three dashes on the right - select "My bookings"

3. select "Payment overview"

5. How do I pay? -> Select "Bank transfer" and click "Proceed to payment".

All important information for the payment will be displayed. Enter the information yourself in your online banking or on a transfer form. It is important that the payment reference is correct. Only then can the payment be identified with the booking. 

It can take up to three working days for the amount to be processed by us. You will then also receive a confirmation by e-mail.

ATTENTION: For the final payment you will need a new code. Follow the steps above to generate a new code.